PAMP is pleased to announce a new bullion coin release – the Lunar - Year of the Dog gold investment series.

    Issued by the Royal Australian Mint and exclusively distributed by PAMP, the new fine gold investment series commemorates 2018 as the Year of the Dog in Chinese culture. Celebrated by the Chinese for its symbolic properties of courage, responsibility and unwavering loyalty, the dog is believed to signify a year of persistence in all pursuits, decisiveness in decision making, and great financial prosperity.

    Expertly crafted by the engravers of the Royal Australian Mint, the coin's charming and original reverse design features a richly detailed rendering of two dogs of the beagle breed – one a puppy and the other full-grown. The Chinese character '狗', which translates as 'dog' in English is pictured just above the two dogs. The top of the reverse design features the year '2018' while the bottom features the coin's metal weight and fineness.

    The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, along with the text 'ELIZABETH II', 'Australia', and the face value of the coin – all of which are encircled by depictions of the 12 signs and moon phases of the Chinese Zodiac.

    The exceptional new release is 99.99% fine gold and is available in 5 variations of weight: 1 oz, ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz and 1/20 oz.

    Exclusively distributed by PAMP, the new gold investment series is uniquely appealing for both gift-givers and bullion enthusiasts alike.

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    In celebration of the company's 40th anniversary, PAMP joined with the municipality of its hometown of Castel San Pietro, Switzerland to launch a new service initiative for the benefit its local community. The Corporate Volunteer Initiative gives PAMP employees the opportunity to provide vital assistance to Castel San Pietro in the areas of ecology, childcare and elder care.

    As part of this initiative, the precious metal refinery has offered its employees the opportunity to dedicate part of their work hours to a variety of volunteer activities in the area. Over 100 PAMP employees have taken part in the local initiative.

    Many of the activities proposed focused on the municipal technical office and the local homes for the senior residents of Castel San Pietro. The tasks included providing recreational activities for the seniors and performing general maintenance of the technical office's footpath and playground.

    According to Alessia Ponti, mayor of Castel San Pietro, the initiative and its response surpassed all expectations.
    "For our part, we are very pleased that a company on our territory has decided to invest for an activity of this kind, making themselves available to the community and becoming acquainted with the population,” Ponti said. “I am struck by the accession by such a large number of employees, and by the professionalism with which they have carried out the assigned tasks."

    PAMP CEO, Nadia Haroun was very pleased with the outcome of the intiative and found that PAMP's collaborators in the community and municipality appreciated the support.

    "For our 40th anniversary we wanted to do something that went beyond our consolidated collaborations with AS Castello and Istituto Sant'Angelo di Loverciano, and that involved the whole company,” Haroun said. “We are very happy with the response from the collaborators and the spirit with which they have dealt with the various activities.”

    PAMP has been unwavering in its desire to remain an integral part of its surrounding community and that commitment remains a top priority of its social and environmental responsibility efforts.